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5 things you didnt know about Kenyan Universities


studentsKenyan Universities have been for a long time dismissed as camps of unrest and unruliness but are we judging books from covers? Ghetto Radio’s morning show Brekko sought to have candid discussions with reigning beauty queens and Gentlemen who represent different Universities on current situations in the campuses  and they had shocking revelations on the status quo. Here are 5 of the revelations

Girls are still not willing to talk about rape– While research has clearly shown that rape is prevalent in the campuses, many rape victims are still shy about reporting or speaking about this vice out of fear and discrimination. They cunningly dodge this topic for fear of giving too much information.

Congestion is Real-Free Education has had it’s perks but has anyone cared to ask who matches the efforts of all those students now being given chances in the campuses to offer housing and accommodation? (well, apart from the expensive rogue landlords and run down hostels outside the campuses). One of the students spoke of eight men sharing a room because of the lack of hostels and money to rent off campus. Would this be pushing the norm too hard and encouraging peculiar habits?

Abortion an accepted norm- If unprotected sex had a home, the universities would be it, the consequences being a no brainer. While society whispers about abortion , in the corridors of our universities it has been accepted as a way of solving a problem that would mess your plans and cause friction with the parents. They with no chills embrace the motto of slicing it before it grows.

Protests are a necessary Evil- Most Kenyans have shunned the protests that are constantly being witnessed in the universities that rattle even the daily activities of common mwananchi but according to the students this is the only way their grievances can be heard as the institutions management and leadership have become draconian and tyrannical alienating the needs and interests of the students.

Bed of corruption- it is said that a tree is known from its’ shoot, so while we are busy condemning corruption on a National level, should we not ask where the rain beat us? Well, we now have the answer as these students explained the massive corruption cartels operating in the universities and the most unfortunate thing is that they didn’t sound as perturbed or disturbed by the fact that it happens. They talked about it with so much ease begging the question of who is to fight corruption if the leaders of tomorrow have been well schooled in their system on how to be corrupt and escape unscathed.

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