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This is How Female Fans Have Gone Wild Over #NattyKingMtaani Reggea Concert on the 30th April.(Pics)


natty1Well, if you still don’t have the latest news in town, then I must say you must have been living under a rock??

Aren’t you aware that we only have 9 days remaining for the biggest reggae concert ever in Eastlands to go down at The Point Mall BuruBuru??

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Well, now you know that Jamaica’s finest conscious music sensation, the one and only Natty King will be shutting down Buruburu and Nairobi’s Eastlands like never before. Did i say never??

And its getting even crazier with our sisters….the reality of the “No Gun To Town” vibe is so rampant that it has sent them to this;

natty3Nattyk2natty4AUTHOR: MUKAMI KANYI