This is How Female Fans Have Gone Wild Over #NattyKingMtaani Reggea Concert on the 30th April.(Pics)

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natty1Well, if you still don’t have the latest news in town, then I must say you must have been living under a rock??

Aren’t you aware that we only have 9 days remaining for the biggest reggae concert ever in Eastlands to go down at The Point Mall BuruBuru??

Well, now you know that Jamaica’s finest conscious music sensation, the one and only Natty King will be shutting down Buruburu and Nairobi’s Eastlands like never before. Did i say never??

And its getting even crazier with our sisters….the reality of the “No Gun To Town” vibe is so rampant that it has sent them to this;

natty3Nattyk2natty4AUTHOR: MUKAMI KANYI