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  • The police teargassed the house where the baby was.
  • Mother of the child Jackline Moraa failed to get her child attended to on time

Deaths and Killings during Azimio demos in different parts of the country  are being documented with a shocking being the death of seven month child month in Kibra slums.

The youngest son of 31 year old Jackline Moraa passed on after inhaling teargas on 4th April during the Azimio demos.

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According to  Moraa the deceased was choked and had difficulties in breathing.He was rushed to Mbagathi hospital where he was further refered to Kenyatta National Hospital.

“Ilikua ni tarehe nne April na nilikua Kwa nyumba so polisi walikuja na kutupa teargas ndani ya nyumba after that watoto wakaanza kukohoa na kukosa pumzi ni hapo Ndio  nilikimbia Mbagathi na huko walimkagua na kunituma Kenyatta tena nilipofika Kenyatta waliniambia ningoje daktari..daktari alifika akaangalia mkono Kwa mkono yangu alipata amekufa..

Jackline Moraa Victim

The Killings Report.

Meanwhile the Amnesty International has placed blame surely to the police for using excessive during the demos leading to 12 deaths.

The public watchdog criticised the manner in which  the law enforcers handled demonstrators.

Amnesty International Kenya and Human Rights Watch have expressed concern that nearly two months after a series of nationwide protests in Kenya insufficient action has been taken to hold police officers and their commander accountable for the disproportionate use of force in killings of atleast 12 people,shooting,beating and many others.We are calling on IPOA to urgently conclude their investigations into all deaths.

Irungu Houghton Amnesty International Kenya Director.

The lobby group now demand that Independent Policing Oversight  Authority take  action taken against  the officers who killed and used excessive force against demonstrators.

By Allan Otieno

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