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This Presidential Election Is Not A Two Horse Race, Reuben Kigame Says


Gospel Artist Reuben Kigame has asked people to stop describing this year’s General Elections as a two horse race saying he is also a very competitive candidate.

Kigame says that he will run for presidency under his Eagle National Alliance Party that is set to be unveiled soon.

“If they thought this is a two race then they don’t know how to count,” said Kigame.

“I am almost done with my party issues and I will be announcing my Eagle National Alliance Party in few weeks’ time. That tells you that am not a lone ranger. You can be sure that I will not be an independent candidate as I will be a member of a party,” he explained.

Kigame made the comments during an interview at Kibos School for the blind. He is also the founder of Fish FM, a radio station that helps spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Kigame further termed his ambition as the only way to make changes in the country’s judicial system.

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“Several years down the line we still have the same problems that we had at independence. This is the only opportunity since we started having these elections that you have someone who is authentic and committed to radical change that is based on values. The citizens will have an alternative from the usual as they have failed this nation,” he added.

During the event, he challenged the Ministry of Education to also prepare the schools for the blind for the Competency Based Curriculum.

“I’m very concerned as we move towards CBC… How much has the government done to prepare schools for the blind? How many teachers have been trained to be able to address special needs and that transition?” he asked.

By Jacob Oluoch.