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This is What Socialite Corazon Kwamboka Has Been Up to (Video)


Corazon Kwamboka1Ever since a local newspaper ran an article exposing about how she allegedly denounced her father in public,Corazon Kwamboka has maintained a low profile as her counterparts thrive through publicity stunts as it is with them.

However,the socialite,who also doubles up as a lawyer(most learned socialite by the way) has utilized her acquired intellect mind to settle for more than the normal  ‘socialite business’ which includes hosting gigs, travelling now and then, showing off, posing nude or semi-nude photos to something that might see her remain relevant.

Through her Instagram,Corazon has revealed that she will be hosting a talk show on her YouTube channel,recorded with her own phone(is she going broke??) and that y’all should look forward for it!!!

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“@lilythegenie Well! Y’all need to stay ready for my talk show! I will be recording most times with my phone in my house coz it has to be as raw as possible! Everybody can judge etc I don’t care! Where I am right now it’s all God’s doing! I know nobody in Nairobi, and am #teamsolo have taught myself everything and all I will talk about will be from my point of view! Next week Monday I will air my first episode on my YouTube channel. Remember it’s as raw as they get! #chargedup,” captioned corazon alongside the video below;