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This Man Wants To Marry Willy Paul’s Ex Lover


willy paulWilly Paul might be forced to sit down and swallow a bitter pill if Joe Muchiri will convince Sara to have her hand in marriage,barely a fortnight ago after Willy Paul cancelled his wedding plans to the Ethiopian Beau.

In his social media post, Muchiri posted a steamy photo with Sara and another lady captioning it “If only i could marry the both of them… Walalo na Ethipian,”

Last week Willy Paul explained why he will not be walking down the aisle with Sara,arguing that he was advised by the wrong people and that he was too young to marry.

Ridiculously,nothing on Sara’s end ever insinuated that she was getting married to the Gospel musician.

Notably, Sara has a number of photos of men on her Instagram account but Willy Paul appears nowhere.

And from the look of things, Sara ain’t that “Mke Mwema” type Willy Paul sang on “Tam Tam” featuring Size 8 reborn!

As a matter of facts,she loves biking,modelling in bikini’s and more partying!!! And its during one of the latter’s experience that Joe Muchiri wishes not only to marry Sara,but her friend too!

Is this guy ever serious???

Check them out;will joe