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This Year Is My Year, Rada Ni Rao Star Kushman Pedi Wa Magenge Says


Fast rising gengetone rapper Kushman Pedi Wa Magenge famed for the urban political banger ‘Rada Ni Rao’ has declared the year as his for the taking.

The youthful rapper made the statement while being interviewed by the Ghetto Radio News Team who caught up with him after his weekend gig at the ODM NDC convention at Kasarani.

“Hii mwaka ni mimi kusema, Rada Ni Rao imeshika kila corner,Kushman is becoming a big name and brand that every other artist that is upcoming will actually look up to” Stated Kushman.

In addition,he’s looking forward to creating his own recording label and signing upcoming talented artist’s and producer’s before the year comes to an end.

“By the end of the year 2022 i should at least have my own label, i should own my own studio whereby I’ll be calling producer’s to come and do for me tracks in my studio perhaps i can also sign a few other upcoming artist’s, i can also sign an in-house producer under my label, “added Kushman.


Road To Fame

Kushman rose to the limelight in 2019 with the song ‘nimewacha pombe’ which delves into the effects of heavy bingieng and it’s aftermath . His follow up song ‘Rada Ni Rao’ which is a rallying call for youths to embrace Raila’s presidency opened doors when he finally joined Baba’s campaign team.

“Raila alifeel mayouth yani coz kuna time ilifika akaanza kutarget mayouth unaona na penye kura ziko ziko kwa mayouth so I think ni mambo tu ya God yani Raila alimanage ku come across the song, team yake song ikawabamba wakaskia ni fiti na wakaniita on board tukaanza kufanya kazi ” continued Kushman.

True to his association with Raila’s team, Rada Ni Rao has been fully embraced as an urban slogan. The name ‘Rada Ni Rao’ features widely on Baba’s campaign trail from the caravans to the branded sleek prado’s.

He appealed to Kenyan music stakeholders to support local talent by ensuring 75 percent of local music is played on our radio’s and tv stations.Follow and learn more about him through his social media networks, Instagram, tick tock and YouTube as Kushman Pedi Wa Magenge.

By Steve Osaka