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  • Allegations of Abduction and Sexual Assault Surround Mysterious Disappearance
  • Law enforcement agencies are working diligently to collect evidence and build a strong case against the suspects


A 14-year-old girl vanished under suspicious circumstances after disembarking from the Madaraka Express train at Nairobi’s railways terminus on May 9, 2023.

Three suspects, two men, and a woman, are currently in custody as authorities investigate the disturbing case.

Distraught father seeks help

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the girl, whose identity is being protected for legal reasons, traveled from Mombasa to Nairobi aboard the Madaraka Express train. She arrived in Nairobi at approximately 9:30 pm, but her father, who was supposed to pick her up, soon realized that something was amiss.

The girl’s father alleged that she disappeared alongside a man, later identified as Parkins Odero.

Distraught and fearing for his daughter’s safety, the father reached out to her multiple times, but his calls went unanswered. It was later revealed that the girl had allegedly absconded with Odero and traveled to Riruta Satellite in Dagoreti.

Unbeknownst to the distraught father, the adolescent girl arrived at the Nairobi town terminus at around 9:30pm and sneaked out of the station in the company of man later identified as Parkins Odero,”

the statement read.

The DCI released a statement on its social media platforms detailing the sequence of events. According to their investigation, the girl was taken to Riruta Satellite, where she was subjected to a heinous act of sexual assault.

The following day, she was handed over to the second suspect, Alfred Matumona, who also allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Calls by the worried father to his daughter’s phone went unanswered as she disappeared with the man to Riruta Satellite in Dagoretti, where she was defiled. The following day, she was handed over to the second suspect Alfred Matumona, who is also believed to have defiled the victim,”

Suspects arrested

Prompted by the gravity of the situation, authorities launched a thorough investigation, resulting in the arrest of three suspects.

Parkins Odero, the man initially reported as being with the missing girl, was taken into custody. Alfred Matumona, who reportedly received the girl after she disappeared, was also apprehended. Additionally, Jackline Mangea was arrested on charges of aiding and abetting the crime, as she is believed to have provided assistance in harboring the minor.

Law enforcement agencies are working diligently to collect evidence and build a strong case against the suspects.

The investigation includes forensic analysis, witness testimonies, and surveillance footage to piece together the events leading to the girl’s disappearance and subsequent assaults.

As the investigation unfolds, the DCI has assured the public that every effort will be made to ensure that those responsible for the girl’s abduction and assault face the full force of the law.


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