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‘Tiga Wana’ Imewasha Moto

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willyWell, if you thought Trump’s presidency is the worst thing to ever happen, then you have definitely  not heard the collabo from Mama Wamboire and Msafire. Gospel music was at it’s ICU bed but this song just busted into the room and rained bullets of pure wana on it’s frail heart.

Who edited or laced the bibles these gospel artists are reading? There seems to be a deceptive notion going around that for a song to be gospel, you only need to have a few hints of Jesus’ things or a shunning of his all time enemy Devo (read devil) and you are good to go.

The song Tiga Wana was released a week ago and loosely translated, is a message to the devil to stop his childish ways. Kenyans took to the social sites with shovels and holy water to express their disgust at the mockery Size 8 and Willy Paul had put the gospel Industry through.

Giving Caesar his right,the video was on point and the dance moves dope but playing the music on mute(which most of us are btw), it could easily pass for a secular beat. It is not our place to say what anointing they were under but kama hiyo ndio message Mungu anatuma, please Give Him our direct number.

The two got a chance to defend their song and though size 8 made sense in her defense, the question still remains what of the thousands who never got a chance to hear their side of the story? A song should never have to be explained, especially the kind meant to draw sheep back to the flock. God’s word is never vague.

Wamewasha moto na Juu Wakenya hawapendi ujinga, wamewapiga mateke mbaya. See some of the trolls on twitter.




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