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  • Tik Tok Star, Nice Wise blows up with “Wengine”.
  • He’s half Chinese and half Tanzanian.
  • Nice hates being asked whether he’s male or female.

Tik Tok star, Nice Wise has blown up the internet with his song dubbed “Wengine” which loosely translates to “Others”. The half Chinese and half Tanzanian notes in his new joint that he’s different from everybody else and doesn’t want to be compared with anyone.

Wise sings in flawless Swahili affirming that the world has different personalities with totally different lives.

“Wengine wanasali sana kumtegemea mola wengine bado sio ki vile tunategemea dua za mama, wengine wako chimbo wanasaka pesa usiku na mchana alafu kuna sie tubabeti tunameki money, money kwa sana” he sings partly.

Wise further notes that the world harbors jealous people who’ll always put you down no matter what.

In his narration, Wise reveals being advised to lay low in this world at the lack of money, money talks.

Nice uses the term “Wengine” almost everywhere in the whole song creating harmony and musicality.

“Alafu kuna mimi alafu kuna wengine usinifananishe na wale tolea langu mimi ni lingine” he continues partly.

While summing up, Wise notes that people are gifted differently in knowledge with others having acquired it from school with the remaining through life’s experiences.

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Simple Video

The video to “Wengine” is simple one done mostly at the gym.

In one scene, Wise has boxing gloves as he throws punches on the punching bag while singing his heart out.

In yet another scene he’s captured at different angles while at the gym. From lifting weights to running on the treadmill, Wise utilises them all.

There’s also a scene captured at the hospital further bringing out the storyline.

Released barely nine days ago, “Wengine” is continuing to receive good reviews with projections of improved scores.

In one of previous interviews, Wise disclosed hating being asked whether he’s male or female.

The Tik Tok star and influencer was previously known as Y Cee before before rebranding to Nice Wise.

Four years ago, Wise was one of the participants during a singing talent show (Unitalent) in Tanzania.

February 13, 2024

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