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Timmy T dat Facing Eviction From His Apartment


timmyTimmy Tdat has joined the list of the Kenyan artist “evectee” if I must say.. He is the latest artist that might be evicted from his apartment due to uncouth behaviour he has been allegedly portraying.

According to, the source confirmed to the website that maisha has been welle welle  to the welle welle hit maker.

He has scandals with the landlord playing hide and seek game.

His neighbours complain of loud music from his house and his character of inviting many strangers especially ladies.
Now sisi tunakubali Timmy t dat can be  polygamous.

One of the neighbors said, “Huyu kijana ana badilisha wasichana kama vile mtu anapanda matatu kila siku.”

This is what his landlord reportedly said when contacted for comment,“Kusema kweli nimepata hizo complains and I will deal with that though huyo Kijana is a very nice person. He pays his rent on time na hajawai kuchokozana mtu tangu aingie hapa.”

Now seems someone is trying to make Timmy kubali. Well we are watching from the roof top.