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Timmy T Dat responds on his eviction claims!


TimmyTimmy T Dat has been on the bad end for various reasons. Having assaulted his girlfriend Kush Tracey at a club in Nairobi. The Haitosi hit maker recently faced an eviction notice from his apartment due to alleged uncouth behaviours.

When contacted, Timmy T Dat said, “I don’t know where these reports are coming from since I am hardly in my house owing to the fact that I am always out on musical tours, studio including other business.”
For the female “guests” frequenting his house, he denied the allegations terming it a way to tint his name. He added that not every woman who visits him is a chips Funga. Some are his relatives, friends, sisters and cousins.
He concludes that, “It is high time his critics concentrate on more important issues as opposed to poking their noses in my personal affairs.  Because after all no matter how hard I try to be good there are section of people who will never say anything positive about me.