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Timmy Tdat and Brown Mauzo’s latest song leaves tongues wagging, Here’s why


Timmy Tdat and Brown Mauzo have finally dropped their latest song dubbed ‘ wote wazuri’ on Youtube and ignited a conversation.

The duo had earlier released a snippet of the song on Youtube only for it to be pulled down.

Netizens raised concern at the zero social distancing on the video shoot and called out the two artistes for failing to observe the set guidelines on Covid-19.

So what really happened during the Wote Wazuri video shoot?

According to singer Brown Mauzo, the artistes had hired a few video vixens for the shoot only for a full bus to turn up.

Apparently the vixens showed up with their friends and some were even accompanied by their photographers to  get some Insta snippets.

“I asked for a few vixens to come shoot a video with me, but a whole bus appeared. It was the most difficult shoot I’ve ever been to.” He told a local publication.

According to Mauzo, who is currently in Mombasa, it was hard to control the shoot, especially the pool scenes.

There are also allegations doing rounds on social media that the shoot turned into a mini orgy party. This, the singer did not confirm but maintained that what happened there stayed there.

“What happened there, stayed there, but it was too hectic. We even had to select just a few for the indoor scenes. Wengine bado wametukasirikia!” he concluded

Since the behind the scenes were leaked online, netizens have raised concerns on how they treated the video vixens during the shoot.

In one leaked video, Timmy is seen rubbing a video vixen’s privates while someone records and in another the singers spank a lady who is grinding on Mauzo.

The videos have sparked outrage among netizens who have called on video vixens to have some respect for themselves.