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Timmy Tdat cancelled online for stealing Upcoming Comedian’s slogan

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Controversial rapper Timmy Tdat has been called out by fans after using upcoming comedian Vanessa Akinyi’s voice in his latest song without giving credit.

The comedian popularly known as Cartoon became an internet sensation after dropping her funny clip dubbed inaniaffect.

In the short clip, Cartoon causes drama while leaving her man saying hse has had enough of his English saying that it is affecting her.

Well Timmy’s latest song with the same tittle as the clip has also used Cartoon’s voice from the clip as his song’s chorus.

Fans are however angered by the fact that the young upcoming comedian has not been credited anywhere on Timmy’s song, in fact there is no mention of her anywhere.

Fans are now asking the controversial rapper to acknowledge the young comedian and give credit or pay for the rights to use her voice in his song.


Eryc oyugi: mhhh just from watching cartoon on jalas TV …. i hope you guys will pay her a certain percentage of revenue collected from youtube views on this clip …… or are you guys on contract with her for using her slogan?

Joyce Ngina: I think mnge appreciate cartoon kwa hii ngoma ama mpigwe copyright…. Shame on you aki….. #be fair

Newton Carlos: You could have featured cartoon as well

Boniface charo: Vida kali Kasoro ni Cartoon ako wapi..?

Elizabeth Kolite: Should have included” ft Cartoon Comedian ??”

MEDISHAAZ MEDIA PRODUCTION: Wangeandika,’Hii ngoma mfiche cartoon’.Lets see her reaction after watching this.


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