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Timmy Tdat Talks About His Engagement


Rapper Timmy Tdat has for the first time opened up on his relationship after a failed one with Kush Tracy.

The rapper says that he is currently focusing on his music career and not planning to date any lady in the near future.

The Kasabuni hitmaker says that he wants to establish himself in music first and reach his goal before he dates a girl.

 “Currently I am engaged to music. You see music as a business is very jealous ukiinyima hata dakika kidogo kuna vile inakuwa tricky. Nataka nifocus kwanza ndio hata nikianza kudate galdem anakuja kama kila kitu iko sawa. Hakuna ya kuanza from scratch na mschana kwa sababu hizo ni soap opera,” Said Timmy.

He has also rubbished claims that he is dating DJ Coco saying that the two are just work mates and only meet when doing a show.

Kila mtu akona calendar yake so akuna vile tunaweza share date. The only time tunapatana pamoja ni time ya show kwa sababu ni Dj wangu she is my official DJ na ni mkali sana. Kitu inaendelea hapo hivyo ni mzuki na kazi na tunatry kuklea watoto na kila mtu alee familia yake through musiki,” he added.


When asked on what ended his relationship with Kush Tracy, he said that the two had an agreement on the time they will date and their period was over.

He however says that the two are still good friends and are open to doing businesses together.

“Time yetu na Kush Tracy ya kudate iliisha. Like sahi mukiingia kwa relationship hakuna expectations na hata kama iko mnasema niaje lets try something for ata three months. Tunaagree na galdem tunadate for ata 3 months na hizo 3 months zikiisha tunakaa chini tunaona turenew ama tuwachane nayo. Lakini what happened ni term iliisha but mimi nay eye are still good friends and we can still work together,” he added.