Beyonce’s mother Ms Tina Knowles has described what her daughter is like backstage during performances, noting that she says harsh things.

In her recent interview, Ms Tina noted that she is glad that she no longer has to assist with the quick changes and backstage hustle and bustle now that the Renaissance tour is over.

Knowles says that Beyonce  gets mean during her shows, adding that she revealed that to her just recently.

“We laughed about this recently because I was saying, ‘Girl, you get really mean back there,’” she told the host, laughing. “And I am really happy that I don’t have to be back there anymore. We’d laugh because she used to perform ‘Flaws and All.’ She would sing, ‘I’m a bi**h in the morning,’ and I’ll be like, ‘And the evening too!’”

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As if aware of her attitude towards her team, Ms Tina notes that Beyonce would often break down and apologize for her bossy behaviour behind the scenes.

The bossy behavior she says is a result of the pressure to deliver that Beyonce gets from the shows.

She added, “She’ll be like, ‘Mama, I’m so sorry,’ and I’m like, ‘I know.’ Sometimes she’ll be crying, and I was like, ‘She crying because she knows she just said some crazy stuff to us. “But that’s the heat of the moment, because you’re trying to get your shoes on, and everybody’s waiting, and if somebody’s messing up or they lose the shoes, then you messed up the whole show,” continued Tina. “So, I understand it.”

Beyonce recently concluded her Renaissance tour, which ran from May 10, 2023 to October 1 and is the highest-grossing tour by a black artist, and achieved the two highest monthly tour grosses in history.



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