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Tiwa Savage In Trouble After Her Alleged Skin Lightening Attempt Fails Terribly (Pics)


IMG_20160105_080058(1)Now if you thought that only Sidika had issues with her original African skin complexion,then you thought wrong as the disease of skin lightening has caught up even with high profiled musicians notably amongst them,one Tiwa Savage.

The 35-year old,new mom is currently on the receiving end following the surfacing of a tell-it-all photo suggesting she had a terrible skin lightening process failure.

Dressed in an outfit best described as a semi-romper and jumpsuit,Tiwa Savage legs looks clearly darker than her flawless  light face. Notably from the photo is the different body shades between her upper,middle and lower body making it look more of an edited photo with Tiwa’s face on a borrowed body!!

However,if you check out different photos from her Instagram handle,the “Eminado” hit maker can hardly convince her fans otherwise as it so clear.

Her legs say it all!!!

Vera should be lucky hers was a success. But why do people wish to be what they were not meant to be???

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