Top 3 Bongo Songs To Watch Out For

In summary

  • The males take the lead with Diamond, Juma Jux taking the first spot with Enjoy as Marioo and Alikiba come in second place with Sumu.
  • Zuchu represents the girl child with Utaniua.

The Tanzanian music industry is blazing hot with Diamond and Alikiba competing for the top influence and music spot. Zuchu leads the girls!

Artists are burning the midnight oil in search of the perfect song. Diamond and Alikiba have released Amapiano collaborations that will see the two in a tight fight for supremacy again.

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1. Enjoy by Diamond and Juma Jux

Jux (Left) and Diamond (Right) on the ‘enjoy’ Video shoot. PHOTO Courtesy

When Diamond teams up with Bongo R&B superstar Juma Jux the endpoint is always a masterpiece.

This is evident by their earlier collaboration dubbed Sugua a few years ago which has garnered 12 million views on YouTube and still counting.

This time round the two leading acts came together in ‘Enjoy’ a feel good party Amapiano song.

It delves around having fun and forgetting ones worries.

Juma Jux sets off the fire with a killer opening chorus. The words are simple and easily memorable.

“Bora ni enjoy(mmmmmmh)
Maisha mafupi ni simple
Yanini niteseke roho
Jiunge nami upoze koo” He sings partly

Diamond Platinumz comes in the second verse with a mixture of perfect wordplay and rhymes.

“Kama kupendaaa
Bora nimpende mama yangu (mmmmh)
Kama kupendwaa mimi iih
Nitajipenda peke yangue(oooh)
Kilichoniponza ufala
Kujiona simba kumbe swala
Nikazama kwenye penzi uchwala
Badala ya kusaka miamala” goes Diamond partly

The unofficial video further sets the party mood as Jux, Diamond and their crew have fun by the poolside.

It’s simple and captivating with a promise of setting the right weekend feeling.

2. Sumu by Ali Kiba and Marioo

Marioo (Left) and Alikiba (right) ‘Sumu’ cover layout – PHOTO. Courtesy

Have you ever heard that someone’s wife or husband is a no go zone?Well,Ali Kiba and Marioo team up to highlight this subject in Sumu.

Sumu is a swahili word for poison. So next time you think of entangling with someone’s partner this is a perfect reminder that you’re playing with poison.

Ali Kiba opens up the singing as he does justice to the Amapiano laced beat with a touch of repetition creating both memorability and musicality.

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“Mke wa mtu tu tu tu tu sumu
Kwenye jambo la mtu tu tu tu tu tu kaa mbali
Mume wa mtu tu tu tu tu sumu” He sings partly

Marioo is arguably the master when it comes to Amapiano and his works in Sumu doesn’t disappoint.

“Sawa unakula bata
Kula bata ila deni langu hunilipi aah uhmmm
We unakula raha
Mi nina njaa kale kadeni kangu hunilipi” sings Marioo partly

The video has a good play of dramatisation to bring out the song’s storyline.

There’s a character seen borrowing money from Marioo as Ali Kiba witnesses the same guy hitting on Marioo’s partner at the gym as per the storyline.

He squanders what he borrowed from Marioo and is unable to payback the money.

It’s eye catching and has managed to amass more than 897k views on YouTube and still counting within two days of it’s premier.

3. ‘Utaniua’ by Zuchu

Zuchu Utaniua pose- PHOTO Courtesy

Representing the girl child is none other than Wasafi signee,Zuchu with ‘Utaniua’

Song’s storyline

The song’s delves around love and arranged marriages.

Zuchu is being married off to an older man and preparations are in top gear.

On her side,Zuchu is adamant as she finally elopes with Diamond.

Utanuia loosely translates to killing, however in this song it depicts being deeply in love to eternity.

“Oh baby mimi apa taabani (wewee utaniua niua)
Nimeoza dah yarabi sihemi
(Wewee utaniua niua)
Ah hizo raha zakoo
(Wewee utaniua niua)
Roho yangu mali yako
(Wewee utaniua niua)”goes the chorus

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The video was well directed and executed, it’s like a movie with the storyline nailed to perfection.

With two months since its release, Utaniua has maintained its streak among the top bongo flava song’s amassing 9.5 million views on YouTube and still counting.

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