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Top 5 Songs By Kenyan Artists Promoting Peaceful Elections


With barely a week to the August General elections, we review a number of songs by Kenyan artists which spread peace even as Kenyans exercise their democratic rights of electing leaders.

The songs are as follows;

  1. In My Head- Sauti Sol ft Khaligraph Jones

The song was released about two weeks ago to remind Kenyans to make wise choices on the ballot and not to be victims of previous election violence and poor leadership.

Khaligraph highlighted the importance of them as musicians coming together to spread the word to Kenyans.

“If we all unite with one voice, it’s a wrap… we are trying to flex as much as we can because we have a lot of people who are looking up to us to make a difference.I’m just hoping that right now people are wise enough to know how this game is being played. Take the direction of change and that’s what basically we are pushing for, so tujiangalie,” says Kahligraph Jones.

Sauti Sol had also previously worked on the song dubbed ‘Tujiangalie’(self-reflection) featuring Nyashinski to remind Kenyans on the same while also addressing issues affecting Kenya as a Country from debt, corruption, democracy, religion, tribalism, patriotism, and the role social media plays in all this.

  • Siasa Chafu- Militan Govana (Mbogi Genje) ft Majero Firestater

This one is done in the Sheng language which is widely conversant with the youth which according to Militan are the ones used to cause chaos during elections.

Speaking recently on NIAJE NIAJE Govana shared that the song does not influence any youth to go against politics or be negative towards the Kenyan elections but instead it was urging them to vote wisely.

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 “Siasa chafu isituchoche ilete chuki. Utapata vijana wa mtaani ndio wanatumika sana kuleta zogo time ya elections. Siasa lazima itakuwa na sisi tuko against siasa chafu, so tunataka siasa safi yaani peaceful elections, unity ya mayouth na pia tuchoose leaders wetu wisely.“Usipewe mia mbili upige ndugu yako,” he said.

  • Utawala- Juliani

The Kenyan Hip Hop gospel artist uses his socially concious lyrics to spread awareness on political emancipation which is the liberation of  the people from the control and leadership of greedy individuals while also promoting a united nation.

  • Visa- Bahati

The singer turned politician expresses how Kenyans would not wish to experience any form of violence which are brought about by tribalism, religious differences and its long lasting effects.

He highlights the permanent mental, emotional and physical scars brough about by violence as he places the country in the able hands of God while praying for peace.

“Nchi yetu imekosa amani. Nchi yetu ina bado wakimbizi. Okoa Kenya.” He says in the song.

  • Kithy Kombe ft Mr. Bado – Soyo Soyo

Is also another song urging Kenyans to respect each other’s choice and tolerate one another.

The song sang in a heavy West African accent was shot at the coast and has the artists dancing in their coast attire.

Pic: Mbogi Genje ( Militan and Majero in their song Siasa Chafu)

By Stella Anyango


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