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Top cop Hessy responds to media allegations!

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After allegations and counter allegations were lashed at the celebrated underground cop Hessy, who now states that his name has a single “S”, on a daily tabloid on Sunday , he came ahead and defended himself on a post on one of his social media platform.

He insisted that there are a lot of police men who die in the line of duty, innocent and law abiding citizens being terrorized by thugs, and he has never seen any human right activists condemn of people causing trouble.

He further stated that he doesn’t gamble with the lives of innocent Kenyans and whoever is killed during those operations has always been warned prior to change lifestyle.

He also said that some of those thugs have been arrested, taken to court and later they attain their freedom and become hardcore criminals.

He further insisted that his name on face book is Hessy with a single S and he only works with Hessy wa Kayole and another person by the name Black Widow.

However the public still delights at his work and do not wish to see his operations stopped.




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