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Top Female Artiste Almost Kicked Out of Estate For Becoming Pregnant Before Marriage


Being a Gospel artiste has it ups and downs. For some unknown reasons people around you expect you to talk like an immortal being, one who is ever righteous and straight in their every way forgetting humanity has got its natural flaws.

For former secular now staunch Gospel artiste one Lady Bee her story is quite scanty and cant related with faith as such but age and priorities.

Unknown to many, Lady Bee has a grown up daughter who she has been putting off the public eye since the days she used to cook secular hit songs with Nonini and Chege.

So as its norm, the internet just misinterpreted a recent revelation the songstress made via her Instagram account.

When she fell pregnant, Lady Bee went through a series of hard times courtesy of her young age and the fact that she was still living at her Mama’s place. To make matters worse the sultry songstress despite hiding the growing baby bump, was  considered an outcast and parents couldn’t allow her to interact with their daughters her age as she had already done much than her age could allow.

Even after delivering safely and huddling through young motherhood , Lady Bee  received yet another bigger blow when the father to her daughter Yvonne passed on just after she turned 5 years.

Single motherhood knocked her way too early and the post was a testimony telling all about Baby Yvonne’s journey to young beautiful,intelligent lady who has genetically taken so much from the mum.

Unlike how a section of media have reported, Lady Bee is not pregnant!!!!

The post below clears the air;

“My Toto @forever__yvonne When I see this beautiful soul waaaaa am telling you God is so faithful I can testify..I remember when I was told am pregnant wololoooo,I was hiding from my mumafraid of her because waaa my mum wasI was so confused,even in my estate I was an outcast,not allowed to be with other girls of my age because nilikua nimejua mengi sanaso you can imagine how lonely I was but see what the LORD has done..You might be having a situation that seems so embarrassing to you but let me tell you,you will rejoice at the end,you will rejoice and give God all the gloryIf today am the one proudly unashamed talking and sharing about My Toto Ooh Halleluyaaah Let God be God..The dad passed on when she was only 5 years but God has been so faithful till this moment I am a proud mother and inlove with my God given gift…Hold on to God He can never leave you,He will never let you down,He will never let you die in that situation you’ll come out more than a conqueror  He will make a way for you.”

Check her out;