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Tourist exposes Kenyan women he’s bedded in his 30 day stay in Kenya


A tourist identified as Mike Oliver has been trending in Kenya for all the wrong reasons.

The man who has been in Kenya for the last 30 days, on Saturday exposed a series of ladies he has allegedly taken to bed since jetting into the country.

The man shared a series of photos enjoying some kinky moments with a number of ladies bragging about how loose Kenya ladies are.

He further went ahead to call out those asking for him to be arrested arguing that all the ladies were willing and he spent money on them.

When a friend of mine told me that Kenyan women are loose
I didn’t believe, couldn’t believe it. Until I came to Kenya for a holiday With a mission. And yes, I swung into action immediately
With post paid lodging services in major cities I indiscriminately went for them Tall and short, Slim and fat, Single and taken,Married but loose. I left no stone unturned. Today I agree with my friend’s assertion In fact loose is understatement of what these women are. Just show them a dollar and you’ll see them shake A dollar melts them like ice in summer Perhaps my skin color to excites them. Today I’m surprised some people want me arrested..For which crime? Spending my own money? Having good time with cheap women? Or posting photos of us?
Oh no Kenyans, It’s willing buyer, willing seller deal
I forced no one, I raped no one I just showed them a dollar. My aim of posting those few photos wasn’t to hurt anyone.I just wanted to show you how cheap your women are
Even those who call themselves “independent” women
Have you ever asked yourselves where they get their independence from?” read his post in part

For the ladies who were exposed, the news hit hard when it emerged that Oliver may be HIV positive.

In post purported to have come from him, Oliver asks the ladies to get tested at the same time reminding them that Anti Retro-viral drugs (ARVs) are free.

Reports now indicate the Caucasian man was on Sunday arrested at the Namanga boarder  trying to cross into Tanzania.