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Tourist exposes thirsty Kenyan women..Octopizzo retaliates after a diss got to him and other stories

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This week a number of Kenyan women found themselves in a tough spot after a tourist anikad them after their bedmantics. Octopizzo also decided he will not be dissed by ‘small kids’ and decided to take matters into his own hands. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. Oliver mkunaji

A tourist identified as Mike Oliver has been trending in Kenya for all the wrong reasons.

The man, who has been in Kenya for the last 30 days, exposed a number of ladies he has allegedly taken to bed since jetting into the country.

The man shared a series of photos enjoying some kinky moments with a number of ladies bragging about how loose Kenyan ladies are.

He further went ahead to call out those asking for him to be arrested arguing that all the ladies were willing and he spent money on them.

Let’s just say a lot or relationships were broken following the expose on social media.

  1. Octobaby…ooops.. Octopizzo

Earlier this week, rapper Henry Ohanga popularly known as Octopizzo allegedly stormed rapper Breeder LW’s house with cops.

In a video shared on Twitter, Breeder revealed that Octo showed up at his (Breeder’s) house on Monday morning with cops trying to intimidate him after Breeder dissed him on Instagram.

According to Breeder, Octopizzo who was in the company of three officers accused him of Assassination of character sic!

“Today morning #Octopizzo came to my residence, accompanied by 3 armed men PURPORTING to be officers of the law and questioned me on claims of assassination of character…” Breeder wrote

Breeder said the three officers together with Octopizzo drove him around Nairobi, took his phone and deleted his social media posts.

He added that they even posted an apology to Octopizzo using his phone purporting to be him.

“They then drove me around Nairobi , took my phone , deleted my posts and posted an apology purporting to me . After which they dumped me at Adams Arcade at exactly 4pm. I would like to inform and assure my loyal supporters that I’am of good health however I fear for my life…” he added

In the video that went viral, Breeder is heard asking to talk to Octo who then goes on to say he had nothing to talk to Breeder about.

Octo is heard saying how Breeder disrespected his grandfather in post that has since been deleted.

Tuchapiane na mimi aje, mimi nataka udelete hiyo staff, mi ujinga sitaki, ujinga tu ndo sitaki. Ohanga ni Kuka yangu, huyo ni msee nampea respect sana na alikuwa karao… sai hata najua umeshituka sana nimejua keja yako aje, mimi hadi najua mahali ul;ikuwa unaishi huko down, mimi najua hizi streets.” Octo says in the video

  1. Lilian Muli’s ‘chestism’

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli went ham on an online critic who trolled her.

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Lilian Muli had shared a photo shortly before her news segment thanking those who helped put the look together.

“Tonight @mode_chateau styled me in soft nude tones. I Love the stud embellished collar and sleeves.” She captioned the photo

An online critic immediately wrote that the news anchor was using pieces of mattress to enhance her bust.

“Matress kwa kifua. Be natural,” wrote the critic

In a quick rejoinder Lilian Muli told the fan to look elsewhere if her bust was an issue.

“@rnyamache all natural honey can’t change who I am but if my chest makes you uncomfortable look elsewhere,”  said Lilian Muli

  1. Khaligraph’s open letter to the president

Rapper Khaligraph Jones wrote  an open letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to re-open clubs and restaurants.

In a post shared on his Instagram account, Khaligraph narrated how the creative industry has suffered for long as a result of the deadly Covid-19.

He further narrated how many of the creatives have been suffering from depression in silence.

@ukenyatta Kindly on behalf of the Creative Industry of Kenya we are Requesting that you allow us to get back to work, allow for the reopening of Clubs and Restaurants, Measures and precautions shall be Taken to ensure Covid 19 doesn’t further spread, The youth are suffering from Depression in Silence, Kindly look into this Matter, also Some of our Hits songs are Going To waste, People want to see @femi_one and @mejjagenge perform Utawezana. Rada Chafu sana, #respecttheogs,” reads Khaligraph’s letter to President Kenyatta.

  1. Veteran Rapper in need of help

Veteran Kenyan rapper Kimya Miyaki is battling a serious drug addiction.

According to very close sources, the rapper who resides in Githurai has been spotted in drug joints in Nairobi’s Mlango Kubwa area on several occasions.

Kimya, the youngest brother to rapper Bamboo and singer Victoria Kimani has been away from the music industry for some time now. He allegedly spends most of his time in Mlango Kubwa getting his daily fix.

The source says, Kimya has been doing some heavy drugs and at time is very disoriented. He has also allegedly been taken to rehab thrice by his family but he always ends up relapsing.

Kimya was for a long time a close friend of veteran Kenyan artiste Johnny Vigeti whose career also nosedived because of drug and substance abuse.

There has been nothing much from the rapper recently in the rapper’s career but he has been trying to make a comeback since.

In December 2016, Kimya lashed out at Khaligraph Jones on social media for failing to give him collaboration.

He even further threatened to beef with Khaligraph if he denied him a chance to work together.

“Yo tufanye kazi. Quit with the strangeness homie. Ama you want it to become beef? Cause we can do that too. I ain’t asking again lil homie. I can give you a free track or we can do it at your spot…,”  Kimya wrote at the time.

Kimya is among some of the most celebrated rappers from back in the day. There was a time the rapper was rumored to have shifted to the Gospel industry just like his big brother.