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  • CS Kuria says the move is aimed at protecting consumers
  • CS  escalates row with manufacturers

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has authorized the importation of bar soaps into the country in a move aimed at targeting edible oil manufacturers who are at logger heads with government.

Taking to Twitter Kuria expressed concern over the current state in soap industry which is largely dominated by cooking oil companies engaged in a tussle with government over the importation of oil from outside then country.

He said the move was meant to protect consumers from high cost of the bar soaps.

“In their misguided efforts to frustrate government efforts to streamline the edible oils industry, the edible oils Mafia have now hiked the price of bar soaps, a critical by product in the value chain by about 45%,”he said.

“To mitigate this mischief I have authorized the importation of bar soaps in order to protect the consumers,”

Kuria stated that his decision to authorize the importation of bar soaps was prompted by edible oil manufacturers’ recent decision to increase the prices of basic commodities.

He went on to allege that the price hike was a deliberate attempt by the manufacturers to frustrate the government, likening them to cartels.

Trade CS Push and Pull with Manufacturers

Determined to address this issue, Kuria vowed not to relent until the manufacturers adhered to the government’s concerns.

This even comes few days after Kuria unveiled plans to install cooking oil dispensers nationwide aimed at combating monopoly in the edible oil industry.

While defending his decision he highlighted the burden of expensive oil on citizens

Currently, the average retail price for a 1kg bar soap stands at 220 Kenyan shillings in supermarkets.

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