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  • The traders says their business   headed  to shutdown.
  • Azimio to have demos twice a week.

As Azimio protesters plans to resume their protests tomorrow against the high cost of living traders at the Nairobi  city center and slums are calling on President William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Odinga to sit and have an amicable talks to stop further disruption of businesses. Led by James Mwangi phone dealer at Luthuli Avenue the demos have cost losses and if the two leaders shun talks then they are like to close their business.

“We are not finding it easy we are being drained to the ground because we lose a lot during these demos. For example if I can speak for myself imagine I pay my shop 25 thousand shillings monthly minus other expenses and with a stock of three hundred thousand how do you expect me to sit and watch when are actually doing nothing during protests. It is high time the two antagonist sit down Address the issues in a manner that  the common mwananchi is not affected.” Mwangi said.

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“Sisi B center tuliamua tusifungue biashara zetu siku za maandamano kwa Sababu tumeogopa looting…masiku zilizopita demos ilituacha vibaya vitu vinaibwa security yetu pia hakuna so inabidi tufunge lakini imagine kufunga two days vile wamesema.” B center trader said.

Raila on Azimio Protest

Meanwhile Raila has warned the police against using excessive force during demos saying the right to picket is provided for in the constitution.

In his interactive tour with Kenyans in Nairobi CBD Raila say many are suffering and they are ready to take part in what he terms as second liberation.

They told me that flour is Sh250, and sugar is almost Sh500. They also complained about fuel, rent, and school fees and said they are tired. It was painful to hear in detail about the hardship our people face daily due to the inept and illegitimate regime’s actions.

Raila Odinga 10th July,2023.

By Allan Otieno

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