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Transport stakeholders say they were not consulted regarding car free days


The government has come under heavy criticism from transport stake holders for failing to consult them on introduction of car free days in the city

According to chairman of Matatu Owners Association Simon Kimutai they were not involved in the planning or consulted regarding the car free days.

”we were not consulted on the introduction of the car free days having attended the meeting to plan about the bus rapid transit but we were surprised by the government’s announcement after we had left and we urge the government to come up with a proper way to implement the plan by involving stakeholders.” he said

The government through the ministry of transport announced that it plans to introduce 2 car free days in the city.

The two days  being Wednesdays and Saturdays, will be a pilot plan for the BRT system affecting major roads in the city

Kenyans who spoke to Ghetto Radio  said the move will cause more harm in the city as it will bring about confusion.

Kenyans now want  the government to focus on ejecting private cars from the CBD as they are the ones that cause more traffic in the city compared to public transport