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Trevor Ombija having it rough online as Netizens ask him to Marry


Netizens on Instagram have ganged up against Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija after posting photos from a relative’s wedding.

The media personality had attended his brother Pius’ wedding and shared the news on social media.

“Finally my brother Pius got married…As the #chairman I was getting worried. I wish them #love #happiness and #peace@crestwoodcomms has cordially accepted Fidelis into the family.” He wrote

According to the journalist’s followers, it is time for him to tie the knot.

Netizens argued that he is always attending wedding and undertaking special roles in wedding planning and now it is his time.

The comments were sparked by journalist Joy Doreen Biira who shared a comment asking Ombija to marry.

“And Now all eyes are on? ………..” Doreen wrote


Congrats to the new couple in town. Over to you mr ruracio,weddings ukambani tunapeleka ntheo lini kwa inlaws????

Wewe utaoa lini?

ogaloberyl: Lakini mtu hupenda kuwa chairman Kwa waiting to be invited@trevor ombija

@trevor_ombija ngarisha kipindi sasa,,that’s a sign for you, ??cheza kama wewe

alfredmisati: Boss now we are looking at you ??

breezyngoya: Congrats to them…na wewe pia ukam hivo