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  • The president prescribed tough steps on those he believed to be cartels in the sugar industry
  • The statement has been strongly condemned by LSK.
  • Internet users created humour from Ruto’s three-step ‘remedies’ on ailing sugar sector

President William Ruto’s three-option steps to punish tycoons he accused of manipulating the sugar sector has taken internet by storm.

For the better part of the day , the hashtag #MamboNiMatatu was one of the top trends on X (formerly Twitter),

The sensational ‘MamboNiMatatu trend on social networks is a sign of Kenyans exercising their habit of turning statements of whatever nature into hilarious memes in keeping up their relentless pursuit of happiness.

Despite the criticism the President faced from the opposition and bodies such as the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) over the chilling three-stage statements; to either flee the country, risk jail terms or ‘go to heaven’, some Kenyans took advantage of the remarks to create funny bits and pieces of their own.

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Among the eminent persons who joined other Kenyans circulating ‘MamboNiMatatu’ is Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi who shared a photo of a customised t-shirt depicting Ruto’s now-famous ‘Mambo ni matatu’ statement set the tone for the slew of memes and funny posts that would follow.

The print details captured sketch phot of President Ruto wearing a turban and the three viral words dominating the shirt’s background, alongside the following three-step prescription: hama, jela, safiri.

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