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“Trigger Happy” Hessy says he will not relent on war against crime


Undercover police officer Hessy has responded to the outrage over last week’s killings of suspected thugs in Nairobi’s Dandora and Mathare areas.

The police reportedly killed six suspected thugs in Dandora and another eight suspected thugs in Mathare North area.

This is after two police officers were allegedly killed in separate incidences in Mathare North and Kayole areas.

Hessy in a lengthy post sated that his war against crime will not go down any time soon.

The undercover, trigger happy officer has instead challenged media houses and activists to spread the gospel of change in the youth’s lives especially the ones involved in criminal activities.

Hessy further highlighted how the police service has lost two officers within a span of two weeks in the hands of the thugs.

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“The other day, a police officer was shot in Kayole and his gun stolen, he then succumbed to injuries, he was buried yesterday at his home in Kiminini Western Kenya, did you bother yourselves to document it? On the very day he died, another officer was shot in Mathare again his gun was stolen, the officer is still fighting for his life in hospital, did you even talk about it?” he said.

Hessy further highlighted how three women one aged 23 years old was raped in turns by the criminals and another one who was pregnant was raped and stabbed to death and her husband injured while on their way to the hospital to deliver their baby.

“Like two week ago at stage 18-Maili Saba, a pregnant woman and in labor pains being escorted by her husband to hospital, was stabbed by young criminals, the woman died together with the unborn baby, the husband is still admitted because he was also given the same treatment(stabbed severally) as he was trying to defend his wife from ruthless criminals.

The third woman was raped when she was being escorted to the hospital by her daughter while in labour pains.

“A day before yesterday, another pregnant woman also in labor pains, being escorted by her 1st born daughter to the hospital, was also raped by two young criminals in presence of her daughter, then managed to escape with the woman’s phone. Luckily, the woman survived,” he stated.

According to Hessy two sisters were also attacked and raped on Sunday morning at Joy Villa Stage in Dandora Phase Five by thugs dressed like police officers after they were found with no phones.