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Trio Mio trends after releasing a gospel song

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By Magi Kadzo

Teen rapper Trio Mio has just released a gospel song and Kenyans are loving it.

The song ‘Vumilia’ featuring Shari Afrika has so far garnered over 36,600 views on YouTube, and with the young rapper trending on social media the numbers are expected to go up tremendously.

According to comments from those who have listened to the song, Trio’s verses are relatable to situations they are currently going through or have been through.

In the song, Trio talks of the challenges faced by celebrities in terms of misperceptions and exposure to the public.

Here is a snippet of one of the verses in the song:

Trio leo mbele zako

Mtaani brikicho na landlord

Leo ametutingia padlock

Rent ya kama mwezi tano

Tangu ancheki kwa Mpasho na-

aniskie kwa radio Jambo..

hacheki vile tuna struggle

“We uliomokanga kitambo”

Ninahustle, hapa jasho, kila mtu nimwone za macho

Utadhani nilishinda jackpot, wasanii ni ka kuku za Sanford

Utazungushwa pale display ndio wanununuzi wakukiche

Wakikupenda, mafutani, uwekwe chumvi wakuminye.”

In the song, the high school student who will be reporting back to school in less than two weeks also speaks about balancing education and his music career.


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