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Trivia:- Can You Tell The Real Kaansime From Her Identical Sister? (pics)


ka1Africa’s queen of comedy Ann Kaansime,yet again  gave her loyal fans just another hard time of differentiating who was who between herself and her identical Twin sister Allen Linsdells in a number of Instagram post taken in the UK during her recent visit

Whilst a section of the media had referred the latter as Kaansime’s look alike, she is actually her sister. As a matter of fact, they are not twins. Allen is Kaansime’s senior sibling going by a recent Facebook confession.

Allen’s hair style, skin complexion, and dressing style is similar to that of Anne Kansiime. But most intriguing is that they both have a gap between their teeth and it can really be difficult to know who Kaansime is if they both refrain from talking and smiling for two minutes.

And, oh I figured that the two sisters who are often mistaken for twins took their look from their mama and height from their papa after I stumbled upon a family photo.

Check them out;

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