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Trouble in Paradise for Nyota Ndogo and her Danish Hubby

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There seems to be trouble in paradise for singer Nyota and her Danish hubby Henning Nielsen.

The singer recently shared a cryptic message on social media hinting that she may just be facing a rough patch in her marriage.

“I cannot stay in a marriage that has no peace. I cannot stay in a marriage where I am constantly getting trouble just to show people that i am okay. I cannot stay in a marriage where i am being oppressed just because I have a husband who has money. If I am dumped I will get married again and again and again and again. Even twenty times if need be.” She wrote

Just days after her first post, the singer shared another post saying that Nielsen had allegedly threw her out of the house following a bad joke she made.

“I gave my husband a dera to wear, i told him that here in Africa a dera is worn by both men and women. I did not even know how i found myself outside. I did not even know that i could run this fast, but it is so cold outside i can’t deal with it. Let me go and try beg my husband from the window. I was only joking, maybe i should tag him so that you can help me beg him to let me into the house,” she said


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