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Trouble in paradise, Rayvanny dumps baby mama just after welcoming their child

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Tanzania’s bongo sensation Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahyma who refers to herself as Fahvanny seem to have called it quits this.

The couple welcomed a son, Jaydanvanny, in April 2017 but months down the line, their break up played out on social media as wasafi CEO Diamond Platinumz’ took sides on the matter.

According to reports on Tanzania media outlets,Rayvanny demanded Fahyma change her name and wished her well after their trouble in paradise began.

“Mpende ila Usimuamini , Mpe ila sio Vyote, mtunze ila Usimchunge, mpe mwili wako ila Usimpe Siri zako….. Ata mkojo ulikua Soda, Vitamu ndio Vichungu keep it your Mind. (Love but do not trust, give but not everything, maintain her but don’t protect her, give her your body but not your secrets.

At some point, even the urine used to be soda. The sweet things turn out to be the most bitter. Keep it in your mind),” wrote the singer.

He went on to insist that Fahyma stops referring to herself as Fahvanny leaving many to question what could have transpired between them.


“Safari njema but change that f****n name PERIOD,” He added.

Fahyma later posted a hint that confirmed the two had finally decided to call it quits.

This is however not the first time Rayvanny has blasted the lass on social media. One can remember when she gave birth Rayvanny told her to grow up as a congratulatory message.




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