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“Tumenyanyaswa sana” Miracle Baby spills beans on rough times under Mwalimu Rachel’s management

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Peter Miracle Baby of Gengetone group Sailors has for the first time spilled the beans of how they suffered under Mwalimu Rachel’s wing.

Speaking in an interview with Mpasho news on Insta live, Miracle Baby said Sailors went through a lot while being managed by the radio queen.

 ‘Tumenyanyaswa kama vijana juu hatuna mtetezi hatuna any, hatuna say. But God will always be there for us na atatutetea. Watabonga, watatutusi but tutazidi kutoa mziki poa kwa mafans wenye wametusupport since day one after releasing wamlambez. Imebidi tuanze zero.

He further admitted that they went behind her to sign with Black Market records adding that they felt it was the best decision for them.

Miracle Baby said they had no contract with their former manager because they were naïve and hungry for fame.

He revealed that at one point his fellow crew members were all locked out of their houses and they ended up crashing at his place.

It was at tis time that controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone came out with allegations that they all live in one bedroom house.

“We were not signed. We were just young in the industry and just wanting fame. We didn’t even know that after being famous there’s a way we should live. I had to do that because vijana walikuwa wanaumia. Walikuwa wanafungiwa keja, hajui wanakula nini, wanalala wapi. Ndio mambo ya one bedroom kupatikana, vijana walikuja kwangu juu wamefungiwa nyumba,” he narrated.

He added that they are currently well taken care of at their new management and they have no regrets.

“So then upatane na msee anakwambia atawapatia kila kitu, wewe utaenda place msee anakujali ama hakujali? Everyone’s basic needs are taken care of and that’s important in everyone’s life. Period” he added


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