• Tusker Fest Nairobi edition was a success.
  • The event delivered an energetic celebration of Kenyan culture.
  • Lively performances were delivered by a line up of talented artists including Angela hitmaker Boutross Munene and rapper Wangechi.

The Tusker Fest Nairobi edition, held on 22nd April 2023, was a great success, attracting thousands of attendees to Quiver Lounge on Thika Road.

This was the fourth event under the Tusker Fest circuit, with previous events having been held at Kisumu, Meru, and Eldoret.

The event featured an exciting line-up of Kenyan artists, including the melodious afro electro-pop star Mutoria, Angela hitmaker Boutross, Ndovu Kuu, Wangechi, and the rap trio Wakadinali, who have been the headlining act of the party circuit.

Tusker Fest Nairobi edition also provided a platform for Tusker Nexters Talent Search alumni heavyweight to showcase their talents, alongside the event’s DJ Grauchi.

Tusker Fest celebrates Kenyan culture through music and great food and is a great platform for local artists to showcase their talents.

The Nairobi event was a true celebration of Kenyan music, with the artists delivering energetic performances that kept the audience entertained throughout the day. The atmosphere was electric, with fans dancing and singing along to their favorite songs.

Celebrated DJ Grauchi at Tusker Fest Nairobi

The event showcased the wealth of musical talent that Kenya has to offer and demonstrated the important role that Tusker Fest plays in promoting and celebrating local music.

The Tusker Fest circuit is set to wrap up with the final event scheduled for next weekend in Mombasa on April 29th.

Tusker Fest has been a great success so far, and the Nairobi event was no exception.

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