TV star Grace Msalame to sue Uganda’s Tourism Ministry

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Kenyan media personality Grace Msalame is set to sue Uganda’s ministry of tourism for using her image to promote the upcoming miss curvy campaign.

The mother of two through her Twitter account said she was unaware of any Miss Curvy campaign adding that she did not consent to any organization using her photo.

“I take great exception to the fact that my image and likeness are being used to propagate, disseminate and encourage the objectification of women’s bodies. I do not endorse or agree with such a message,” read part of her statement

Msalame added that she will not be part of an event that objectifies women’s bodies.

“Miss Curvy Uganda’s deliberate and calculated use of my image and likeliness to promote and encourage violation of women’s bodies has defamed my character and reputation, damaged a brand I have worked for many years to establish, and subjected me to unwarranted and undeserved cyber bullying,” she added

The incident comes just hours after Uganda made headlines for classifying the country’s voluptuous women as a tourist attraction following the explosive curvy vs slim Twitter challenge.

This is not the first time the Ugandans have claimed the Kenyan beauties as their own. In 2017 a Ugandan entertainment paper listed Msalame as one of the sexiest Ugandans.