In today’s quickly changing work environment, success stories can arise from unexpected directions.

In Kenya, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is critical in preparing individuals to prosper in a variety of industries, including the construction sector.

In our feature #TVETLiveMtaani that airs daily@10am, 2pm and 7:20pm , we explore Benson’s inspiring story.

Benson’s Path to Success

After working as a ‘Mtu wa Mkono’ for a while, Benson, a talented mason located in Kinoo, saw the necessity of obtaining practical skills through TVET. He enrolled at Kabete Technical, where he focused in masonry, honing his craft and establishing a solid foundation in the discipline.As a result, he was promoted from ‘Mtu wa Mkono’ to fundi (mason) and eventually to Foreman.

Career Fulfillment and Financial Stability

Benson’s journey from TVET to foreman has provided him with not only personal fulfillment but also financial stability. The construction sector is appealing to experienced professionals like Benson because it offers reasonable compensation and numerous prospects for advancement.

“Kazi ya mjengo haina mwisho wa mwezi, mwisho wa mwezi ni kila Saturday” In an excited tone, Benson tells us that on a weekly basis ‘fundi wa mkono’ will go home with roughly Ksh.3000 while a fundi takes home Ksh.9000.

The Next Generation: Benson’s Son

Benson’s son decided to pursue vocational training after being inspired by his father’s success and the chances provided by TVET.

Recognizing the growing demand for wiring and plumbing in the rising Kenya’s building industry, he enrolled in a TVET program focusing on these professions. Benson claims that his son is thriving and happy in the trade of wiring and plumbing.

Apprenticeship is also key

As a dad who has enabled his kid to work in the informal sector, Benson advises youths , “do not be timid, even if you have no education qualification or skill. Simply start as an apprentice, learn on the job, and improve your craft. Your zeal and patience will carry you through.”

Benson’s and his son’s journeys demonstrate the transforming effect of TVET education in Kenya’s construction sector. Their success stories demonstrate the possibility for individuals to acquire stable professions, financial independence, and contribute to the informal sector through vocational training.

As the government and business sector continue to invest in TVET, we may expect a favorable impact on Kenya’s economy, leading to more job possibilities and long-term prosperity.

By Jackie Waithaka

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