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Twendi Twendi singer Justina Syokau was elated after receiving a car gift during her birthday celebration.

The controversial gospel singer took to her social media platforms Instagram where she shared the news with photos and videos of the ceremony.

“I received a birthday gift worth millions Am so grateful” She wrote

Wearing a red dress with golden high heeled stilettos while holding flowers,a smiley Justina took a pose with the white fuel guzzler.

In the video,an unidentified man is seen offering Justina the bouquet of flowers leading her to the surprise car gift as a group of friends cherish the moment while taking photos.

Her fans wished her a happy belated birthday while congratulating her for the car gift.

“Happy birthday 🥳 l love you so much you have this precious thing called life make the most of it ❤️” shot one fan

“Happy birthday once again Kamba Queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” fired another fan

“Happy happy jibambe kabisaa ur the best 🔥🔥” flew another comment

Despite the congratulatory messages and best wishes, some thought differently, Justina who’s known for publicity stunts was seen as continuing with her ‘business’

“Clout tupu na haikuingiana hadi” wrote one fan

“Clout chaser of the year “appeared another comment.

Pushing New Song

Justina is currently riding on the wave of her new song dubbed ‘Twendi Twendi Thili’.

Before she dropped the song earlier in the year,she had subjected her fans with news of enlarging her ‘sitting allowance ‘.She had gone as far as revealing the whole process cost her a cool three million.

In her new song ‘Twendi Twendi Thili’ Justina carrys a message of hope and breaking boundaries.

“It is not the will of God for you to suffer,you deserve the best so ambia yesu nipanuliwe mipaka KIPESA, mipaka ya business 2023 nipate profit sio loss, settlement, establishment,niondolee kung’ang’ana” Stated Justina in one of her recent tv interview.

Self proclaimed chairman of Kenyan gospel artist’s Ringtone Apoko had recently promised to bless Justina with a Vitz should she shun clout chasing.

Now Justina has her own real whip, not just a whip, a fuel guzzler.

What’s your take on this new development on Justina’s life? leave a comment.

By Steve Osaka.


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