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Twins Found Aborted And Dumped in Mlolongo


baby dumpedTwo aborted infants suspected to be twins were found dead and dumped in a bar sewage in Mlolongo town in Machakos county yesterday morning. The two were wrapped in a polythene paper.

A nearby area resident Munyiva Makau says that she suspected the paper in the garbage as a dog tried to pull it off the liter. “I was shocked to see a baby’s head being pulled off by a dog.

After keenly observing I realized they were two and I called passersby to witness the same.” She said.

The area chief, Joseph K. Mutua has condemned the act and said it was inhuman as it is against the law of Kenya to abort.

“We have had frequently dumping of aborted babies in this town and at the moment we want to conduct investigations and get to arrest the lady who might be suspected to have done a such act. It is against the law of Kenya and God also and anybody who aborts should be reported to my office or any near police station to be held responsible.We will arrest any suspect and I warn the people of my area that aborting will lock them behind cold bars.’’ He said this to the Kenya news agency.