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Two Artists Claim Paternity To Rapper Prezzo’s Ex-girlfriend’s Child

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By Steve Osaka

Rapper Prezzo’s former girlfriend Socialite Amber Lulu is a distressed woman after her new born child, Arianna was claimed by two Bongo artists.

Arianna, who is an ambassador for ‘Afrikana Baby Soap’ is being claimed by two artist’s Harmorapa and Emba Botion.

This is despite her naming Emba Botion as the father of the child.

Harmorapa stated that Amber named Emba Botion as the father of her child simply because he (Harmorapa) refused to take responsibility of the child.

Msiwe mnatukana ovyo kwa kujifurahisha nafsi zenu… Hakuna kitu kinauma kama kuona damu yako anapewa mtu mwingine kisa nilikataa kutunza mimba,” was part of the statement from Harmorapa.

Harmorapa further stated that he was forced to deny fathering the child during an interview by Wasafi’s Presenter Dua.

 “Kwanza wamenipiga,wamenitukana,hela imepotea zaidi ya milioni tano na elfu nane walichukua kwenye wallet ingine ilikuwa kwenye kanzu.. Nililazimishwa kwa sababu walisema usipo ongea mwisho wa siku utafanyiwa kitu kibaya,” said Harmorapa upon his release from the police station.

The socialite’s announcement’s birth of her child sent the internet into a frenzy with many demanding to know who the father of the baby girl was.

The revelation also resulted into trolls from her followers with some stating that the child looked older due to socialite’s heavy indulgence in alcohol.

The socialite turned Singer had previously dated Kenyan rapper CMB Prezzo with whom they split after a while.

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