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Two bodies retrieved From Collapsed Kisumu Building


Two bodies have been retrieved from the rubble following the collapse of a two-storey building in Kisumu’s Mamboleo estate.

The two storey building collapsed yesterday and the evacuation process is still ongoing.

As this happened, the National Construction Authority confirmed that they had stopped the construction of the building that collapsed .

Report shows that three people are believed to have been trapped under the rubble.

Nyanza NCA regional coordinator Amos Musau told journalists the authority stopped works at the site in May.

Musau said the authority stopped the works after it was established that the building did not meet safety and other construction standards.

However, the workers continued working at the site four months after the NCA directive.

Jared Odhiambo, a survivor, said the victims were members of the same family.

“A man and two women were trapped under the rubble when the weight of the floor came down,” Odhiambo said.

They brought food to the construction workers, according to the survivor.

” I was on the other side of the building when it begun shaking. Within seconds, the building came down,” Odhiambo said.

It was not clear how many workers were at the site at the time of the tragedy with estimates being put at 60. The workers were doing slab casting. Several workers were rushed to various hospitals within the county.

The owner of the building was reportedly among those who were taken to hospital.

Efforts by teams from the county government of Kisumu, Red Cross, NCA officers and the police to rescue those trapped under the rubble is still ongoing.

Thus, the construction site was not sealed off as required. It did not have signage that show name of the developer and the contractor implementing the project.