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Two boys shot dead by police for defying curfew

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A family in Nairobi’s Pangani area is appealing for justice after their son was shot dead by police officers for allegedly defying curfew.

Oscar Manoti 24 and Robert Chiloba 27, were allegedly shot dead by police officers on Sunday at a bar called Chechu.

Manoti’s father Philip Ochieng says that his son was shot twice, in the stomach and on the head while his friend was only shot in the head.

“The two were made to kneel down before they were shot dead by police officers who were in a Probox,” said Ochieng.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news Ochieng says that his son had only travelled from the countryside on Saturday only to end up dead on Sunday evening.

“My son travelled on Saturday, I saw him on Saturday before I left for work. I did not see him on Sunday either, so Sunday evening, I got a call that he had been shot dead,” said Ochieng.

“I am told that his friend had called him and they went for a drink at a bar called Chechu. Then fracas allegedly ensued and the owner of the bar called the police,” he said.

Ochieng is calling for investigations into the brutal killings saying he had raised his son well and that he was not a criminal.

“My son was not a criminal, I raised him well. And if he was a criminal, why did they not just arrest him and take him to the police station?” asked Ochieng.

He says police in Pangani have taken sides and are killing innocent youths in the name of fighting crime.

He has wished and prayed for revenge against the police officers who murdered the two boys.

“May the police officers who shot him never find peace, because just how do you decided and kill someone’s child? I pray and wish that they never find peace,” he stated.

The bodies of the two are currently lying at the City Mortuary.


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