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  • Court stops burial of centenarian
  • The court heard he parted ways with his estranged wife  40 years ago.

The burial of centenarian has been stopped by Nairobi court.

This follows an order by Milimani principal magistrate Gerhard Kitonga.

The magistrate allowed a plea to block the burial of the Silas Kamuta Igweta,100 at the home of his estranged wife, who they parted ways 40 years ago.

The magistrate allowed the plea by the children of the second wife to stop the burial pending determination where the burial should take place.

Rigiri moved to court and secured orders stopping the burial that was scheduled to take place at Kathambi’s home.

However, Kathambi has challenged the case telling court that her late husband left Rigiri over 40 years ago and has never returned there.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, Kathambi and her children say he should be buried at their home and not the first wife’s home.

Omari argues that his clients have spent over Sh 5.8 M on their late father during his sickness but the other family did not offer any support only to appear after his death.

“It is strange that the first family claim to have had a close proximity with the deceased yet they never catered for his needs including but not limited to medical bills which burdened the deceased’s second family alone,” reads court documents.

Omari has also argued that the marriage between the first wife and the deceased ended upon death just like the vows prescribe that ‘until death do us part’.

“The vows of marriage that Rigiri took with the deceased were to the effect “till death do us part”. This means that they were only husband and wife until death occasioned. Therefore, on the date of death the implication is that they are no longer married. They have parted ways,” reads court papers

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