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Two Women Charged With Conspiracy To Defraud Bank

Two women have today been charged in court with forgery and conspiracy to defraud Cooperative Bank of Kenya Limited, Kawangware Branch by posing as board of directors of a construction company.

According the police covering report, the duo identified as Scoller Katunge and Grace Nyachomba on 28th of April this year impersonated directors and forged a board resolution to activate a domicile account No. 01136496882600 belonging BridgeVille Heights Construction Company Limited.

The forged resolutions had the signatures of two board members one of whom had already passed on.

On confirming the details  the customer care  attendant realised  that   the account  to be activated  was an high  end account  prompting  him to contact  the branch  manager.

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The manager confirmed that he was aware of the account and even remembered that one Petty Mumbi had died in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic back in 2020.

A matter that led to thorough scrutiny that later revealed that the photos in the bank system were not resembling the two ‘clients’ before the customer care service desk.

“To ascertain  the legitimacy  of the  clients a call was made to Irene Naipanoi  who confirmed  that she had not sent  anyone to the bank to transact  on her behalf and confirmed  that Petty  Mumbi ,her Co-Director had died  sometimes back  in 2020 adding  that they are finalising  the process  of succession  through the court,” Police report  reads.

The two accused  persons  have however  pleaded  not guilty  to the charges  before Senior  Principal Magistrate  Hellen  Shitubi and have been  released  on cash bail  of Ksh. 500,000 pending  pre-trial  on 25th  May  2022.

By Rodgers Oduor