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  • Tyana Bax willing to be Shakib’s second wife.
  • She has a highly sensual song already out.
  • Zari and Shakib are yet to speak on the same. 

Ugandan singer, Tyana Bax has revealed her willingness to be Shakib’s second wife sharing him with socialite Zari Hassan.

Taking to her social media platforms, the petite singer has shared a series of posts thirsting after Shakib despite being a married man.

“I am very ready to be the second wife…He’s too handsome to be mine alone” she wrote.

In one of the photos, Tyana Bax has gone to the extent of inking Shakib’s name on her tender back.

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In another of her post’s, she shared a photo of Shakib while affirming that he’s her ideal man.

“Shakib, oh Shakib Cham! He’s not just handsome; he’s the epitome of male elegance” she captioned.

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Zari & Shakib Short Breakup

Zari and Shakib recently had a short breakup with the former revealing that she was taking her time off Shakib.

The popular socialite further disclosed that she sought forgiveness for her video with former boyfriend and baby daddy, Diamond.

Zari and Diamond were captured holding hands resulting to double tragedy with Shakib distancing himself from Zari while also said ‘It’s Over’ between him and Diamond.

Zari whose yet to comment on Tyana’s sentiments is currently in Saudi Arabi with Shakib as part of their Ramadan festivities.

While Zari and Shakib rekindled their relationship, Diamond also ironed out his differences with Zuchu and they got back together.

It became the most publicized breakup which soon died out as first as it came. Still, critics opine that these couples stage managed it for relevance huh!

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With Tyna hot for Shakib’s heart, she has since dropped a new sensual jam dubbed “Misana Tuku”.

“Sitidde competition am ready for a mission okwagala to me it’s a mission ondetta obsession” she sings partly.

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