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Types Of Men You Will Find In The Bar

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Saturday evening around 10pm I receive a call from a male friend and of course the most popular question during the weekend is Uko wapi?   And I tell him am home  since I decided to have a chilled out weekend.  He goes ahead to tell me,  He will be leaving the house around 3am to attend some reggae event.  This got me thinking about the types of men you find in the bar.

  1. Loners

A couple of times I have spotted Men who will go to the bar order  drinks  and just stay alone, they seem not to entertain anyone but rather stay alone. Once he is done with his drinking spree if I may call it that.

He will politely leave the bar and go home .

  1. Groupies

This type  are notorious,  you  will always spot them  in the most popular bars.  In most cases one of them  does not drink   and is always the designated driver.  They  dress the part and they are mostly ‘’Hunkies ‘’.

One thing they have in common they choose strategic sitting positions where everyone sees them and will always buy an expensive drink. Am told they don’t hit on ladies they rather wait for ladies to approach them ‘’Yani wana ka maringo fulani’’

  1. Joy Rider

In most cases ,  He  is always broke but chills around ninjas who are ‘’Loaded’’

This type are so full of themselves , sanasana ndio pia hubeba funguo ya gari ya beshte yake.  This ones will hit on almost every lady in the bar and invite them to join them . Mostly the friend is either shy so kazi yao nikutafutia mabeshte wao some good company.

  1. Hunters

Sadly this is where I classify my friend. I had a conversation with some male friends.  And I Honestly asked them why  they would  be heading for a night out around 4 am .  Some claimed they prefer going out after  drinking indoors .

Sadly one said this ‘’ Ukienda club hii time ni rahisi kuchotana coz wale wakuchotwa walishalewa kiasi yake’’

Well, Kila nyani na starehe zake.

  1. Wale wa Kuvuruga

Have you ever noted there is always one person who gets drunk and starts  confrontations  with almost everyone?

Am yet to understand what their Agenda is but every damn weekend you will hear their stories on who they beat up or who beat them .

  1. Calm and collected Type

I really like this type of men. They are way mature ,  the reason they go to the bar is to have some good time and listen to some good music.

They will generously invite a few ladies to join them and just have some good time,  they make sure the ladies have something to sip and that’s it!!

Maybe you have spotted another clique of men in the bar , those are just a few who I managed to classify .







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