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Ugali lovers lament rise of unga prices


ungaPrices of unga have already gone up in supermarkets just a day after the government announced the end of 90 sh. 2 kg of Unga .

Spot check done by Ghetto Radio News in Kariobangi,Huruma and Mathare shows that  brands like Pembe,Kifaru,Orynx,Ndovu and Gala goes at price of 105-115 ksh. Per two kg.

Ugali lovers have shown their disappointment with the government decision.

“The government should have at least waited until the end of January before they ended the subsidy programme. January is the month of hunger and a lot of spending on school fees and books,” said one shopper.

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The price of Alpha Grain Millers’ Kifaru maize flour rose to retail at Sh185 per two-kilogramme packet and Hostess maize flour at Sh149, three days after close of the subsidy that saw the commodity sell at Sh90 for more than six months.