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  • Cindy Sanyu floored Sheebah in their ‘battle of the two queens’.
  • The battle was organized by a local Ugandan university, Victoria.
  • Sheebah has a wide internet following than Cindy.

Uganda finally crowned veteran star, Cindy Sanyu after flooring Sheebah in their head to head battle of the two queens.

The battle ground was at the Victoria University which was totally sold out.

The local university had gone out of its way to spearhead this showdown pitying two top rated female stars.

Music lovers, critics and several local media outlets were at standby to witness the massacre.

Taking to the stage first was Sheebah who gave a 40 minute live session set.

She wore a black pearled bikini paired with a white trench puffed jacket.

She was carried shoulder high by muscle men and backed up by dancers.

She also had a chance to perform a collaborative piece with Carol Nantogo whom she praised for standing out.

Cindy Sanyu would later take to the stage and truly she didn’t disappoint.

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She was proof of the old adage “Old Is Gold”

The former Blue 3 member further threw jarbs at Sheebah to stop praising others and improve her craft.

Sheebah looking stunning in her “Angelic Costume” Photo Courtesy

Fans Reactions

Judging by the buzz created from the battle, many opined that Cindy is not childs play.

We sampled a few below.

“Cindy yet again proves that having good quality music is better than overhyped hits! She crooned and sent cold shivers down Sheebah’s spine. She commanded the crowd and it roared! Her huge fan base engulfed to the Sheebaholics. Kituufu, Cindy competes with top male artists”

“Congratulations Cindy. Thank you for being a tough and resilient lady despite all the hate and nastiness that was thrown at you, you still delivered and gave us a great live performance. Your wide vocal range is crazy. Hopefully, your opponent who talked throughout the show instead of singing has learnt the difference between quality and quantity music”

Despite Sheebah being trounced, many have praised her for giving a good fight.

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Sheebah is a crop of new urban star’s while Cindy has stood the test of time from way back as a member of Coca cola pop star’s, Blue 3.

Sheebah commands a wide following on the internet standing way above Cindy.

All in all, the showdown was evidence that Ugandans value talent.

September 17, 2023

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