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Uganda Woman Languishing In Buruburu Police Cells With Three Children (PHOTOS)

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ugandan-mum1The Kenya Police Service changed its’ name from Kenya Police Force so that people could change the brutal perception they had but as years go by their face keeps getting uglier and inhumane. Picture this, according to unconfirmed reports, a Ugandan mother and her three children are  languishing in the buruburu cells after police arrested her in Kiambu for illegally being in the country.

The unnamed woman is said to have been taken to Thika Law Courts where a court order was issued for her deportation an order that has not been implemented to date. Photos from a source who had been arrested for an night at the same cell show the mother of three sleeping on a tongue size matress with her children, a heart breaking situation to say the least.

The woman who brought this injustice to light posted at the infamous Kilimani mums page asking for opinions and call for justice from the mums in the group. According to her post, the police told the woman that they would not deport her alone as that would be a waste of fuel and so she had to wait till they got more immigrants from her home country. The post read:

“Hey mum. Hope you are good. I have something that I wish you post it for me in kilimani mums, so here is the story: leo I was arrested at 4 am in buru with my friends for no reason but we managed to toka and now we are free. In the females’ cell, there was this mama who is ugandan and was arrested in kiambu for being in the country illegally; mark you she has been in kenya for years and has raised her children here. She has three children, two girls and a boy. She has already been taken to court, thika law courts, and the court ordered for her immediate deportation. She was then taken to her kiambu house,took all her belongings and taken to industrial area where she would be deported from. The officer in charge there said he cant keep her so she was taken to buruburu police station, at this station she was told (and I quote her exact words), ” wewe hatuezi kupeleka peke yako. Utakaa hapa ndani mpaka siku tutapata wenzako uende nao. Hakuna mafuta ya kuharibu, hii ni hasara”. Now my issue is, are the police allowed to defile a court order? Are children supposed to be locked in adult cells? We as kilimani mums need to seek justice for this woman, serikali inafaa kuingilia kati”

The post elicited so much fury from mums in the group given the deplorable condition the children seem to be in. At what human point does a sane police officer do these to children? And does anyone monitor these cells? While we appreciate the fact that it is wrong for people to be in the country illegally we cant turn a blind eye to such cruelty.

Buruburu OCPD Geoffrey Maiye could neither confirm nor deny the story only promising to get back when we reached for comments.


Here are the photos;

Njoki Gachanja.


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