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Ugandan Opposition Leader Bobi Wine Arrested


By Steve Osaka

Ugandan opposition chief Robert Kyangulanyi also known as Bobi Wine was arrested by police on Monday in the capital Kampala while leading peaceful protests.

The Popstar turned lawmaker had called for peaceful protests following the continued crackdown on his supporters by Ugandan security forces.

“He led MPs and other leaders in a peaceful protest against the abduction, torture and murder of his supporters. The protest was taking place at City Square in Kampala,” read a statement from Wine’s office.

Following his arrest, he was driven to his home which remains under heavy surveillance from police and the military.

News from the local media indicated that the youthful politician was staging a coup against President Yoweri Museveni’s government by leading violent protests sentiments Wine has downplayed maintaining that he led peaceful rallies.

Bobi Wine is pushing for the release of thousands of his campaign team members who are detention.

Wine who commands a wide following, posing a threat to Museveni’s reign was put under house arrest in January as he contested the election outcome which he termed as fraudulent and rigged in favour of the incumbent.

Museveni who rose to power in 1986 through a coup used unorthodox means to extend his rule, he locked out international poll observers and restricted internet use.

He ended up as the winner during the January 14 elections garnering 58% of the vote against Wine’s 35%.